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Patrick J. Loftesnes

Patrick J. Loftesnes

July 22, 2020

Patrick J. Loftesnes, 54, of Menomonie passed away Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, MN, where he was born October 31, 1965.

Patrick graduated from Regis High School and then centered his life around the military (US Army) with two tours in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. He also had a passion for art and was featured in many local venues. The military was a favorite art theme of his. He had a degree in Graphic Design from UW-Stout and was working on another degree in print making.

Patrick led an adventurous life traveling to a few Middle Eastern countries as well as most European countries where he ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. He was loving, compassionate and had a wickedly funny sense of humor.

Patrick is survived by his mother, Sandra, son Logan Everson and a life-long Army brother, Bob McKittrick, as well as many cousins, aunts and uncles. He was preceded in death by his father, Richard, who died in 1979.

A Celebration of Life will be held on Friday, August 14, 2020 from 12 noon until 4 p.m., at Chippewa Valley Cremation Services – Celebration of Life Center (1717 Devney Drive, behind Charter Spectrum) with food provided. Masks will be required.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be designated to Eau Claire County Veterans Service Commission or to Sacred Heart Catholic Church elevator fund.


A Celebration of Life will be held on Friday, August 14, 2020, from 12 - 4 p.m., at Chippewa Valley Cremation Services – Celebration of Life Center (1717 Devney Drive, behind Charter Spectrum) with food provided. Masks will be required.


A Celebration of Life will be held on Friday, August 14, 2020, from 12 - 4 p.m., at Chippewa Valley Cremation Services – Celebration of Life Center (1717 Devney Drive, behind Charter Spectrum) with food provided. Masks will be required.

Florist Information

All flowers should be delivered to the Celebration of Life Center by 9 a.m. Friday, August 14. Please note: memorials may also be designated to Eau Claire County Veterans Service Commission or to Sacred Heart Catholic Church elevator fund.


  • Mike Honeycutt RIP Brother!! You were shining light in a dark assed world!! Until Fiddlers Green Trooper!! Allons Luv ya Bro

    August 21 at 8:27pm

  • Ben Woodford I met Lofty (as I always knew him) in Fulda during the Cold War. Hey was a great guy. Always a pleasure to hang out with, and make fun of the Tankers in our Cav Troop. After I left Germany I lost track of him for couple decades, but was able to find him again close to ten years ago. We spent hours on the phone talking about nearly any topic you could think of. Hadn't talked to him in close to a year, but always meant to. I will cherish the times I had with him.
    Slán abhaile Lofty!

    August 20 at 11:05pm

  • Sam Busby I met lofty in germany, although we didn't start off as friends it sure ended that way.Somehow we managed to survive all the little escapades we got into.I lost touch with him after I left Germany as with many others. Somehow he found me years later and we picked up just where we left off laughing over old memories, he was a shot I needed and some part of me likes to think maybe I was for him too.You will be missed my brother and I will miss our talks and that laugh.Love You till we meet again

    August 16 at 5:44pm

  • Bob McKittrick It is an honor and privilege to pay tribute today to a very special person, Patrick J. Loftesnes. Pat was an only child but he was my brother.

    My name is Bob McKittrick and I met Pat in basic training at Ft Knox, KY in 1984. Oddly enough those first few days were filled with – hatred. Man, did we hate each other. But that didn’t stop us from becoming brothers in the end.

    We pushed each other in every aspect of being a soldier. Both of us were competitive enough to push one another, and know when to back off. We learned very quickly to push each other’s buttons all for the betterment of improving our soldering skills.

    While in basic training there were many inspections. On the day of one of our biggest inspections I grabbed a tube of toothpaste & put smiley faces on his freshly spit shined boots and low-quarter shoes. He had about 10 seconds to rid the shoes of the toothpaste. All I heard was “BOB!!! I’m gonna kill you!”

    Needless to say, he got me back, in an extremely creative way. We had everything packed and ready to go home for the first time in 4 months. I’d taken a shower and got in my class A uniform, for the flight home, in record time. As we are standing there talking about our experiences and who got what orders/duty station I started to get real warm. Then sweat. My buttocks began to burn. Pat starts laughing so hard he had tears running down his face. I dropped my drawers and the smell of Ben Gay (today’s equivalent of Icy Hot) wafted through the air. Lucky for me, he missed the target. We had started a prank war that lasted the entirety of our 35+ year friendship. I never could top that.

    Fast forward and we are stationed together in Fulda, Germany at the 1/11th ACR in the same troop. We’re on our way to Spain for a vacation. On the bus ride there we talked about the things we were going to do. High on the list was experiencing the Spanish cultural tradition of a bullfight in Madrid. So we went. And when the matador was gored we were the only ones in the crowd at Las Ventas to yell “Ole” It went deathly silent. It felt like the entire venue was looking at us. Pat looks at me and says, “They know we’re Americans” then to laugh oh so loud! He always had an astounding sense of humor!

    I have many stories of our friendship, our bond, and the humor he displayed. Those I do not share here I will share with Pat’s son.

    Pat was remarkable in so many ways. He lived his life to the fullest and touched so many people during his time here with us, as evident by so many of you here today.

    As I searched for the right words to express my thoughts about my brother Pat, I remembered his many passions/loves.

    As Sandy stated in Pat’s obituary, he had 3 loves in his life, other than her: the army, art, and his son Logan. Communicating his love for and to Logan was another story. Pat took all of the roles in his life to heart and he strove to honor, guide, and most importantly, love

    He was at his happiest when he was surrounded by art - even during those inevitably tough times that life threw at him. Such as war.

    As I turn the next page of Pat's life, I see - the friend. He was a good friend to so many! He was compassionate and kind.

    As I look out at the faces in the crowd, I see many family members and friends and I know that you too will miss the friendship that Pat brought into your lives. I'm sure you all will remember him in your very own special way.

    As I continue to turn the pages in Pat's life, I see Pat, a man defiant and unwilling to settle for less. He lived the conflicted life of an artist trapped in a soldier’s mindset and body with a strong sense of compassion and kindness surpassed by few.

    Pat was not a cruel man and he wanted Logan to understand that nothing can be gained from holding a grudge or leaving any issue that was wrong, unclear. He could talk with others, counsel, guide, tutor, and empathize. His biggest flaw was that he did not see in himself what he saw in others. He could not speak out for himself.

    Another page is turned and I see him as a respected student. He shared his experiences with many veterans and any who wanted to listen; he worked hard and consistently with, and remained, a student of life. My brother never stopped learning. He never sat back and became complacent.

    ***Pat, we will remember you through the many people still left behind whose lives you touched so positively. You may not realize it, but you leave an amazing legacy behind, your son, Logan! Through him you leave this world a better place than when you found it and for that you can be very proud.

    Pat, my brother, we will miss you, but we will always remember you with respect, admiration and love! Always!

    August 14 at 3:35PM

  • Susan Hunt I am so sorry to hear of Pat's death. I worked with him often as he pursued his Graphic Design Degree at Stout and later enjoyed his friendship. His wicked sense of humor, inventiveness and irony were among the qualities that made his work interesting and compelling. Pat will be missed my many. I value the 3 decades I had to know Pat at Stout and later as a friend

    August 14 at 10:03AM

  • Jim Filter It is with profound sadness that I just read of the earthly passing of Pat Loftesnes in The Leader Telegram. It was my pleasure and privilege to have been Pat's sixth grade teacher at Sherman Elementary School in Eau Claire during the 1978-79 school year. It was also my delight to have directed Pat in a leading role in the school's spring musical, "Where is the Mayor" that year and in the musical, "Finian's Rainbow" the previous school year. I have only the warmest and happiest memories of Pat during those two years. He was an excellent student, always cooperative and respectful, eager to please, and yes, he had a wonderful and sort of impish sense of humor. I will never forget his infectious smile, hearty laugh, and the magical twinkle in his eyes. Sandy, I have no words to adequately express my heartfelt sorrow to you on the loss of your most beloved son. Please know I will remember you, Pat, and Dick in prayer and hold all of you among my most highly cherished memories. Please also know that I always admired your wonderful parenting of Pat; your love and spirit of gentle nurturing did not go unnoticed. Pat, thank you for your selfless and dedicated service to our country. I could not be more proud of you and your life of service. Thank you, Pat, for sharing yourself and your gifts so generously through out your life. And now Dude, "let's knock off the foolishness, and get this work done." (Of course, I never said this to you). Thank You! YOU, PAT, ARE NOW AN ANGEL AMONG US! Peace!

    August 13 at 6:04PM

  • Patrick Niles I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Pat. He was a good friend in junior high school. Although we didn't spend too much time together in high school, it was very nice to reconnect with Pat later in life. My heartfelt wishes go out to his family and friends during this difficult time.

    August 12 at 1:58PM

  • Sheila Malec Thank you for your service. You were an unbelievable soldier and your service to our Country will live forever.

    August 10 at 7:15AM

  • Kay Phillipp To Patrick's family, I am so very sorry for your loss. There are no words I can say but know I am praying for all of you. I knew Pat from Regis and was so glad I reconnected at the reunion last fall. He was a fun, creative and talented person. He was proud to have served his country and I thank him for that sacrifice and service. May God bless him and welcome him home.

    August 10 at 7:15AM

  • helen hoepner Sandy, I am so sorry for your loss of Patrick. This is a mother's worst nightmare. I will pray for you and Logan.

    August 9 at 3:44PM

  • Peter McCann To Patrick’s family; I am so sorry for your loss. I attended Regis H.S. with Pat. He was a great guy and fun to be around. I am thankful that he served our country in the military, and I honor him for his service. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

    August 9 at 12:18PM

  • Nancy Blum-Cumming Pat was a part of our life in the Art & Design Department years back. He was very active in the department and participated in the Exchange program with Hildesheim, Germany. He was always friendly and eager to learn.
    So sorry to hear about his death.
    Sincerely, Doug and Nancy Blum Cumming

    August 9 at 11:11AM

  • Dan Walsh Sandy and Logan,
    I am very sorry for your loss and the loss to your family. Pat was a lifelong friend, fierce defender of our country and great Soldier. All of us from his military family will feel his loss and truly miss him.

    August 4 at 3:19PM

  • Michelle (Mitch) Hager I am so sorry for your loss Sandy and Logan. It was nice to reconnect with him years' ago. I know he enjoyed staying with me at my house for a weekend just to get away. I'm going to miss him so much. Pat touched so many people in so many different ways. Rest in peace my friend!

    August 3 at 6:36PM

  • Renee Carrell So sorry to hear of Patrick's passing. He was a familiar face at the Furlong Gallery.

    August 3 at 1:54PM

  • Dave Beck Patrick was a well-known and valued member of our community at the School of Art & Design at UW-Stout. His creativity and passion for all things art was evident in everything he did, and we will greatly miss him walking the halls of the Applied Arts Building. I would love to connect with his family as well, as we would like to honor Patrick in some way on campus, and hope to talk about that possibility with his family. Thank you, Dave Beck, Director, School of Art & Design, UW-Stout.

    August 3 at 8:36AM

  • Katja Dehaney You touched many lives. You packed a life worth of adventures into the 54 years you had on this earth. Rest in peace my friend.

    August 1 at 12:55AM

  • Tony Lang God bless this Warrior on and off the Battlefield. Prayers to your family myscout brother.

    July 31 at 10:37PM

  • Marie Black While I didn’t know Pat personally, I do know what a devoted and wonderful friend he was to my brother, Bob McKittrick. My heart goes out to Pat’s mom and all of the other family and friends grieving their loss.

    July 31 at 6:07PM

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