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Robert "Robb" J Jirschele Jr.

Robert "Robb" J Jirschele Jr.

August 6, 2019

Robert “Robb” J. Jirschele Jr., 50, of Eau Claire, passed away unexpectedly at his home in Eau Claire August, 6, 2019.

Robb was born July 31, 1969 in Park Falls, WI. He was the fourth of five children born to Robert and Charlotte (Nork) Jirschele of Park Falls, WI. He went to the University of Eau Claire where he got his bachelor’s degree in health care administration. He went on to work for the State of Wisconsin as an ombudsman.

His family members will miss his unique sense of humor, talented signing voice, passion for politics and his love of animals. Especially his cat Willa.

Robb was preceded in death by his grandparents; and his uncle, David Nork.

Robb is survived by his parents, Robert and Charlotte Jirschele; sister, Natalie (Brett) Larson; sister, Julie Jacobsen-Smith; sister, Theresa (James) Lewandowski; brother, Samuel (Nellie) Jirschele; nieces, Charlotte (Travis) Bottolfson, and Dani Jacobsen; nephews, David (Nicole) Larson, Jacob Larson, Cody Lewandowski, Eric Lewandowski, Jonathan Gustafson, Nicholas Muska, and Samuel Muska.

A Celebration of Robb's life with be held September 7, 2019 from 1-3 p.m. at Tuscobia Trailhead County Park (N15400 Park Lane, Park Falls, WI)

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations in Robb's honor be made to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.


A Celebration of Life will be held September 7, 2019 from 1-3 p.m.at Tuscobia Trailhead County Park (N15400 Park Ln., Park Falls, WI)

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  • Debbie Bruun Anderson So sad to read of Robb's passing. Robb (Bobbie) was an exceptional babysitter and friend!!!! His smile lit up a room. I am very proud of him as a person, and one who was brave, sensitive and strong. Thoughts and prayers to his parents and siblings. Debbie Bruun Anderson

    January 21 at 1:55pm

  • Debbie Kleppinger Dear Robb- the best friend any person could ask for during a difficult situation. You were there for me when the ugly side of working for the Board of Aging came out full force, with the resultant homelessnss, and you know what I mean. Thanks for your steadfastness, your humor, your intelligence! You were too good for those that hurt you along the way. You were the better, and you helped others be better able to determine what was truly happening. Gaslighters! May your family members be blessed in knowing their influence in raising you & knowing you was positive for others and quite posibly saved others lives at crucial times. May you rest forgiving and being forgiven. I only wish we could have been better to you. Love, Debbie

    September 2 at 11:03am

  • Michelle (Cruthoff) Dearth My deep, heartfelt condolences to Robb's family. I knew this amazing man in high school but foolishly waited until after I graduated to call him friend. The way he carried himself in the face of ignorance will always inspire me to be better. He was the best of us and the world is a lesser place without him.

    August 29 at 8:04pm

  • Kate Karshna My deepest condolences to Robb's family. I am so sad that he is no longer with you. I have great memories of his bright personality and fun spirit from high school, and hoped that he would find a kinder world after he left school. May we all be more compassionate for knowing him.
    Peace, Kate

    August 20 at 12:10PM

  • Kellie Miller Rest in Peace Robb. I have very fond memories of our time working together at the Board on Aging and Long Term Care.
    Robb and I worked together training Volunteer Ombudsmen on Residents Rights and conducting new classes for Volunteers all over the state.
    Robb was very smart and used his sense of humor to engage people and make them feel at ease. You did make a difference Robb~ Luv, Kellie

    August 14 at 10:28AM

  • Kim (Miller) Kronberger Bob and I were friends throughout high school. He was so tormented by the boys in our class, as was I, and I wish we could have stood up to them and put an end to it. He didn't deserve that. He contacted me about 10 years ago and we talked for a long time. I will always consider him a friend. I hope you find peace Bobbie.

    August 13 at 5:10PM

  • Tracy (Kundinger) Busby Robb,

    Our journey together began in Mr. Smith's high school math class. Judy and I sat in front of you. Or behind you. I don't even remember those details anymore. I don't remember if you asked or I stated..."My name is Luca.... I live on the second floor...." On we went. We asked you, "What's your name?"


    "Wow. How do you spell that?"

    "Um...B-d-o-l-b. But the "d" and the "l" are silent."

    We unsilenced the "d" and the "l" and you were "Bdolb." Forever.

    You and Judy remained in touch after high school, as you both relocated to Eau Claire. I remember her talking about you, and me wishing I was part of that. I recently went in my email archives and found the email from when we reconnected. We both admitted our jealousies of Judy remaining close with each other, and were grateful she got us back in touch. She knew we had similar struggles and when the three of us were together, the joy I felt was "math class on steroids." And I did not like math. So it was all US.

    That never faded. It only grew stronger, no matter how long between visits. I have 184 emails in my archives between us. And then there were phone calls and texts. I know that's not a lot for 30-some years. But I cherish them enough to have counted them. I never deleted one.

    During the time you were back in Park Falls, I felt like I'd won the lottery. I wish I'd spent more and saved less. Because time does not exist. It can't be saved. Yesterday is a memory, a cherished one, but I can't hug it. I can't hear its voice. I can't smell its baked spaghetti. I can't ask it not to leave me, because I still need it terribly. And now today with you does not exist. Tomorrow with you is my hope and prayer. My faith. I know. And now...I know that you know. So my tears are for me. Because you...now you know. And you have peace.

    For that, I will accept my broken heart. Not only do I not have a choice, but I will slowly, once again, learn how to be broken and joyous in the same moment - that that's okay. That it doesn't mean I've forgotten you or that I don't miss you in my deepest core. But that I'm letting myself keep loving you where you are. I might have to keep saying, "No," for a while. Because I have myself to forgive. And no matter how many times I try to discount my part, loving you the way I do, I can't not put myself through the trial before letting myself move on. My mind doesn't allow for that.

    I'm sorry, Robb. I'm so very sorry for all that I may have or may not have done. For anywhere and everywhere I fell short. For waiting too long. For being too dumb. For being not enough when it was time to be more. For backing off when I should've stepped up. I'm so, so sorry. Please forgive me.

    I love you more.
    Luca ????

    August 11 at 6:02PM

  • Janice To Bob’s family I extend sincere condolences. I remember Bob as one of the best singers in my music classes in Park Falls. He always entered the room
    with a big smile and had a heart of gold. Who could not love this enduring young man? His gift of music was shared with many! RIP “Bobby!

    August 11 at 8:38AM

  • Samuel Jirschele Brother, words cannot describe how heavy my heart is and the rest of the family. It is so regrettable that this comes after death that I didnt tell you how proud I was that you had the courage to Express your self your entire life. That you stood up for what you believed in , that you dedicated your entire life to helping the elderly, even in your sickness. I was such a fool for not telling you this while you were alive. That even for one minute you felt unworthy. The irony that you felt insecure among a population of people not even close to your class. The sadness is so tangible you can see it like fog. our conversations in the end turned into heated debates, the same nonsensical thing you see across the divided nation . I deeply regret that because now its to late to let you know how I really feel. I saw how brave, and I really mean brave to go against the grain and be yourself, even as young as 9 years old I couldn't imagine how hard it must of been to get up every morning and know the Super predators were waiting for you to get to school and yet you still unwaivered in being able to Express yourself. but they didnt beat you because you never waivered in being who you are, an extremely brave person that cared for the elderly, animals and people who are different. You didnt hear the word diversity back then but you sure do now because of people like you and Mathew Shepard who took the beatings and still refused to waiver on who you are. I applaud your life. I applaud how strong you were taking one set back after another and still you kept trying as best you could. They didnt win. Look at the world and every task you set out to accomplish as far back as the 80s you won and I don't think you knew that. I will miss you dearly, for what was and never will be. It is by your example I have even been able to make it through the last 2 years.

    August 10 at 8:48PM

  • Edward Busby I first knew Robb as a student when I was teaching at the high school in Park Falls. When around me he was always a quiet, respectful and attentive student.

    After graduation I lost track of him as happens so often with my students but over the past couple of years we reconnected through my wife Tracy and another former student, Judy Ocker Wibel. I found him to be sensitive with a sense of humor that could be either subtle or a bit wicked, depending on circumstances. I'm fortunate that he liked me despite my breaking one of his table chairs.

    Robb was a deep thinker and enjoyed getting into discussions of social and/or political issues. I'll miss our conversations.

    Robb, I miss you but I know we will meet again on the other side. Thank you for being a good friend.

    August 10 at 12:46PM

  • Amy Smetak O’Meara Remember that time I was supposed to be “the driver”? Remember our shopping trips....Oh My!
    Remember when I told you my son had a Gecko named Bob?
    I’m glad we kept in touch. I know your living a better life. I promise to keep saying see you later and never goodbye.
    ~Fly high and free my friend

    August 9 at 10:39AM

  • Jean Schieffer Bobby and my little sister Nola were the crown-bearers at Winter Carnival when I was in Student Council at Park Falls, WI. He was such a little gentleman and so adorable. Those two remained good friends always. My heartfelt sympathies and prayers go to all his extended family and friends. Jean (Koshak) Schieffer

    August 9 at 7:39AM

  • Judy Ocker Wibel I will miss him dearly. He was a faithful and loving friend to me, my children, and my pets. He taught me a lot about life and compassion for others. My daughters enjoyed his singing of 80s tunes and my pets enjoyed the extra treats he snuck them, especially my chubby cat which Robb nick-named President Taft. His artwork hangs above my piano and the memory of him will forever hang in my heart. It's been an honor. Sending lots of love to the Jirschele family. Sincerely, Judy (Ocker) Wibel, Lucy, Madelyn, Gloria ????, Kitty, and President Taft. ????

    August 9 at 6:37AM

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